UHI Machinery UME80 Mini Excavator 15,880 lbs. Yanmar Engine

$64,700.00 + tax

* Yanmar 56.9HP Engine; full cabin with heating and A/C

* High/low travel speed

* Hydraulic quick hitch for easy changing attachments

Package price $70,400

including attachments: 15.7” trenching bucket, 31.5” digging bucket,59” grading bucket, ripper, hydraulic quick hitch, hydraulic thumb and 3 year peace-of-mind warranty!

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Hydraulic Quick Hitch

Our hydraulic quick hitch for mini excavators enables rapid switching between attachments, streamlining workflow and enhancing productivity on the job site. Whether you need to attach buckets, hammers, or augers, the process is effortless, saving valuable time and effort. Importantly, it promotes safety by ensuring secure and efficient attachment changes, reducing the risk of accidents or errors during operation. With this innovative feature, operators can seamlessly adapt to different tasks with ease, maximizing efficiency and versatility.


Hydraulic Thumb

Our powerful hydraulic thumb attachment revolutionizes the capabilities of excavators and backhoes. Operators can now grab and manipulate objects with unparalleled precision, thanks to the hydraulic power it offers. This enhancement in precision not only boosts efficiency but also greatly enhances safety on job sites.

By facilitating easier handling of various materials, the hydraulic thumb enhances the versatility of the machine, allowing it to tackle a wider range of tasks effectively. Additionally, it significantly reduces strain on equipment, prolonging its lifespan and minimizing maintenance requirements. With this innovative attachment, operators can accomplish tasks with greater ease and confidence, ultimately leading to increased productivity and job site success.



The Yanmar 4TNV98C-WSY is a diesel engine commonly used in various industrial applications such as construction equipment, generators, and compact tractors.

This engine stands out in its class for several reasons. Firstly, it meets the stringent EU Stage 5 emissions standards, ensuring it emits low levels of pollutants. Its advanced emission control technology makes it the cleanest engine in its category, contributing to better air quality. Additionally, the engine boasts a remarkable feature: the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) requires no scheduled maintenance for up to 6,000 hours of operation. This not only reduces operational hassle but also minimizes costs.

Furthermore, its seamless operation in diverse field conditions underscores its reliability and performance consistency. Built to withstand tough environments, this engine delivers dependable power for demanding tasks. Moreover, its best-in-class fuel consumption underscores its efficiency, reducing both operating costs and environmental impact. Overall, the Yanmar 4TNV98C-WSY sets a high standard for clean, reliable, and fuel-efficient diesel engines in industrial applications.


Comfort & Convenience

The operator station boasts a thoughtfully designed layout, prioritizing both comfort and functionality. With a digital panel at its core, monitoring and adjusting settings become effortless tasks. Clear indicators and alerts provide crucial information, ensuring smooth operation.
Furthermore, the cab ensures easy accessibility, with a design that facilitates swift entry and exit. The comfortable seat enhances the operator's experience, complemented by an easy-open front slide window for added convenience. Equipped with both air conditioning and a heater, the cab maintains a comfortable environment regardless of external conditions, thus enhancing productivity and operator comfort.


Touch-screen Display

The UME80 features a built-in touch-screen display which allows the operator to see and monitor the machine’s status in real time.
The home display shows the time and date, battery voltage status, machine working hours, RPM, motor temperature and the fuel level. The operator also has access for the fault code messages and Input/Output signal status.



The UME80 comes with sturdy steel tracks to provide the necessary traction, durability, and stability for various construction and excavation tasks.

Steel tracks are highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, making them ideal for demanding environments such as construction sites, demolition projects, and quarry operations. They can withstand abrasion from rocks, concrete, and other abrasive materials encountered during excavation, ensuring optimal traction and stability for the excavator. This durability minimizes downtime associated with maintenance or replacement, translating to cost savings and uninterrupted workflow. Overall, steel tracks offer reliability and long-lasting performance, making them a preferred choice for heavy-duty excavation equipment in challenging working conditions.

Adaptability: This machine also comes with bolt-on rubber pads for the tracks to prevent damaging concrete, pavements or other surfaces.


Easy Access

Unlock unparalleled convenience with the UME80 excavator from UHI, boasting effortless accessibility as a key feature. Equipped with a convenient back hood, maintenance and servicing become a breeze, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. With two side doors facilitating easy entry for operators and technicians, accessing crucial components is swift and seamless. Additionally, the UME80 offers top access, ensuring operational flexibility and versatility on the job site. Experience the epitome of convenience and efficiency with the UME80 from UHI, where accessibility is paramount, and productivity knows no bounds.

Mini Excavator
Engine type Diesel
Output HP/rpm 42.4W(56.9 hp)/2200 r/min
Operating Weight 15,880 lbs/7.2 t
Digging bucket capacity 10.5 cubic feet/0.3 m³
Max bucket digging force 11,690 lbs(52 kN)
Max arm digging force 8,540 lbs(38 kN)
Max digging depth 3440mm/ 135.4’
Engine type Water cooled 4-cylinder diesel
Output HP/rpm 74/2,400
Operating Weight 12,340lbs
Bucket capacity 35.31 cubic feet
Maximum dump height 13´2˝
Maximum lift height 18´
Pump Capacity 31.7GPM
Steering angle 45°