UHI Machinery UME12P Mini Excavator 2,660lbs. Kubota Engine

$15,200.00 + tax

* Kubota 13.8HP Engine

* Swing boom; Expandable track

* Manual quick hitch for easy changing attachments

Package price $17,500

including 8” Trenching bucket, 15’’ Digging bucket, 31” Grading bucket, Rake, 8″ Auger, Manual quick hitch, Hydraulic thumb plus 3 year peace-of-mind warranty!

* Optional attachments: Jackhammer, Ripper, Grapple


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The UME12P mini excavator, equipped with Kubota D722 engine delivering an impressive 13.8 horsepower. The Kubota D722 is a compact, liquid-cooled, 3-cylinder diesel engine commonly used in various small industrial applications such as mini excavators, generators, and small construction equipment Designed for versatility and efficiency, this compact excavator is your ultimate companion for navigating tight spaces and tackling tough projects with ease.


Expandable Tracks

Experience stability and versatility with the UME 12P mini excavator's expandable tracks. With the ability to widen up to a maximum of 3'1'', these tracks offer exceptional stability, especially when utilizing heavy attachments or navigating rugged terrain. This wider stance not only enhances safety but also provides operators with the precision needed to conquer even the most challenging tasks with ease.
Additionally, the track gauge can be retracted to a compact 2'8''. This feature allows the UME 12P to effortlessly navigate through narrow doorways, tight spaces, and confined job sites without sacrificing performance or efficiency. Whether you're working in a bustling urban environment or a cramped construction site, the UME 12P's expandable tracks ensure maximum accessibility and productivity, making it the ultimate solution for your excavation needs."


Swing Boom

The UME12P's swing boom design enhances productivity by minimizing the need for repositioning, saving you time and effort. Whether you're working in tight quarters or tackling complex excavation tasks, the swing boom empowers you to work efficiently and effectively, maximizing your productivity and minimizing downtime.


Package Options

The UME12p package comes complete with essential attachments, including an 8” trenching bucket, 15” digging bucket, and 31” grading bucket. It also includes a rake, 8” auger, manual quick hitch, and hydraulic thumb. With the added peace-of-mind of a 3-year warranty, it offers a comprehensive solution for various excavation tasks.

Mini Excavator
Engine type Kubota D722
Output HP/rpm 10.3 kW(13.8 hp)/2200 r/min
Operating Weight 2667lbs
Digging bucket capacity 0.7 cubic feet
Max bucket digging force 2,293lbs
Max arm digging force 1,349lbs
Pump Capacity 4.86GPM
Max digging depth 5´ 2˝