UHI Machinery UME18 Mini Excavator 4,330lbs. Kubota Engine

$23,800.00 + tax

* Kubota D902 15.8HP Engine

* Swing boom; high/low travel speed; Expandable track

* Hydraulic quick hitch for easy changing attachments

Package price $25,800

including 8” Trenching bucket, 16” Digging bucket, 39” Grading bucket, Ripper, Hydraulic quick hitch, Hydraulic thumb and 3 year peace-of-mind warranty!

* Optional attachments: Jackhammer, Auger, Rake, Grapple

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Engineered to excel in demanding environments, UME18 is equipped with the formidable 15.1 HP Yanmar 3TNV74 3-Cylinder Diesel Engine. Renowned for its reliability and efficiency, this engine ensures seamless operation and optimal performance on every job site.
With its three cylinders delivering consistent power, the Yanmar engine empowers the UME18 to tackle a wide range of excavation tasks with ease. From digging trenches to loading materials, this excavator provides unmatched versatility and productivity.
Designed with the needs of operators in mind, the UME18 combines power and efficiency to deliver exceptional results. Whether you're working in construction, landscaping, or agriculture, trust in the UME18 Excavator with its Yanmar engine to get the job done efficiently and reliably, every time.


Expandable Tracks

The tracks of the UME 18 can expand to a maximum width of 4 feet, providing exceptional stability when using heavy attachments or working on uneven terrain. This wide stance enhances safety and precision, allowing operators to tackle challenging tasks with confidence.
For added flexibility, the track gauge can be retracted to 3 feet 3 inches, enabling the UME 18 to maneuver effortlessly through narrow doorways, tight spaces, and confined job sites. This versatility ensures maximum accessibility without compromising on performance or efficiency.


Hydraulic Quick Hitch

Our hydraulic quick hitch for mini excavators enables rapid switching between attachments, streamlining workflow and enhancing productivity on the job site. Whether you need to attach buckets, hammers, or augers, the process is effortless, saving valuable time and effort. Importantly, it promotes safety by ensuring secure and efficient attachment changes, reducing the risk of accidents or errors during operation. With this innovative feature, operators can seamlessly adapt to different tasks with ease, maximizing efficiency and versatility.


Swing Boom

Experience enhanced versatility and precision with the UME18 Excavator's swing boom feature. Designed to optimize maneuverability and efficiency, the swing boom allows operators to easily adjust the excavator's arm from side to side, providing greater flexibility in reaching and positioning materials or equipment. Whether you're working in confined spaces or navigating around obstacles, the swing boom ensures optimal performance and productivity. By enabling precise control over the excavator's arm movement, operators can tackle a wide range of excavation tasks with ease and precision.


Hydraulic Thumb

The UME18 Excavator is equipped with a hydraulic thumb, adding a new dimension of versatility and efficiency to your excavation tasks. The hydraulic thumb allows operators to grab and manipulate objects with precision using hydraulic power, enhancing productivity and reducing manual labor. With the hydraulic thumb, operators can easily pick up and move materials such as rocks, logs, or debris with precision and control. Whether it's loading trucks, sorting materials, or performing delicate excavation work, the hydraulic thumb ensures optimal performance and efficiency on the job site. Additionally, the hydraulic thumb promotes safety by securely gripping objects, reducing the risk of accidents or damage to equipment. Its hydraulic operation provides smooth and precise control, allowing operators to handle materials with ease and confidence.


Two Speed High/Low

The UME18 excavator is equipped with high and low speed settings. This feature provides versatility to match the machine's speed to the specific requirements of the task at hand. Whether navigating over rough terrain or performing precision work, operators can choose the appropriate speed setting to optimize performance, efficiency, and control.

Mini Excavator
Engine type Diesel
Output HP/rpm 15.1/2,400
Operating Weight 4,200lbs
Digging bucket capacity 1.6 cubic feet
Max bucket digging force 3,035lbs
Max arm digging force 2,270bs
Pump Capacity 12.68GPM
Max digging depth 7´1˝