UHI Lonking CDM6020 Mini Excavator 4,850lbs. Yanmar Engine

$31,700.00 + tax

* Yanmar 18HP Engine; full cabin with heating* Swing boom; high/low travel speed; Expandable track

* Hydraulic quick hitch for easy changing attachments

Package price $34,400

including 10” trenching bucket, 16” digging bucket, 39” grading bucket, hydraulic thumb and hydraulic quick hitch plus 3 year peace-of-mind warranty!

* Optional attachments: Jackhammer, Auger and more


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Hydraulic System

The CDM6020's auxiliary hydraulic system supports various attachments like jackhammers and augers. It comes with standard features such as port pipes on the arm, bi-directional auxiliary hydraulic controls, and a control valve.

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Hydraulic Thumb

With our powerful hydraulic thumb that allows operators to grab and manipulate objects with precision using hydraulic power. It enhances versatility, efficiency, and safety on job sites by enabling easier handling of various materials and reducing strain on equipment.

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Expandable Tracks

The CDM6020 features a variable track gauge for optimized stability when using heavy attachments. The tracks can expand to a maximum of 4'6" for stability or retract to 3'3" for maneuvering through narrow doorways and tight spaces. Adjustments are quick and easy, with the track gauge switch allowing for change in seconds.

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Comfort & Convenience

The operator station is well designed and comfortable.It features a digital panel for easy monitoring and simple settings, along with clear indicators and alerts. The cab offers easy entry and exit, with an easy-open front slide window for added convenience. Fully equipped with heater.


Hydraulic Quick Hitch

Swiftly switch between attachments with our hydraulic quick hitch for mini excavators. Effortlessly attach buckets, hammers, or augers, boosting productivity on the job. Promotes safety with secure and efficient attachment changes.

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The Yanmar 3TNV80F-SSSU is a compact three-cylinder diesel engine with a displacement of 1.267L. This engine delivers 13.4kW (18 HP) @2400rpm. It also features indirect injection (IDI) that helps make a quieter combustion and a combustion system that is more amenable to high speed operation. This engine is commonly designed for mini excavators, compact tractors, and similar equipment. It is known for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and compliance with emissions standards. Maintenance is essential for optimal performance and longevity of the engine.
Yanmar engines and parts are widely available through authorized dealerships and distributors worldwide, ensuring easy access to service and support.

Mini Excavator
Engine type Yanmar 3TNV80F
Output HP/rpm 13.4 kW(18 hp)/2400 r/min
Operating Weight 4,850lbs/2.2 t
Digging bucket capacity 1.6 cubic feet/0.045 m³
Max bucket digging force 4,725 lbs(21 kN)
Max arm digging force 2,698 lbs(12 kN)
Max digging depth 2057 mm/ 80.9’