UHI Machinery UME10 Mini Excavator 1,984lbs. Briggs & Stratton Engine

$10,900.00 + tax

* Briggs & Stratton 13.5HP Gasoline Engine

* Hydraulic pilot design and dual pump for smoother control

* Quick connectors for easier attachment changes

* Acid pickling phosphating and electrophoretic paint for structural parts

Package price $12,100

including 8” Trenching bucket, 15’’ Digging bucket, 31” Grading bucket, 8″ Auger, Manual quick hitch, and Hydraulic thumb plus 3-year peace-of-mind warranty!





Mini Excavator
Engine type Briggs & Strattton 25T2 gasoline engine
Output HP/rpm 13.5
Operating Weight 1984 lbs
Digging bucket capacity 0.7 cubic feet
Max bucket digging force 1,686 lbs
Max arm digging force 787 lbs
Pump Capacity 1.74 gallon
Max digging depth 5'6