UHI Lonking LG25B Electric Forklift Li-ion Battery

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MMH Magazine Rank Top13 Forklift brand Lonking & UHI

LG25B 80V/205Ah Li-ion battery, 3 Stage Free Mast 4.5m, side shift, solid tyres

2 year machine warranty and 5 year Li-ion battery warranty

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Lithium-Ion Battery:

This forklift is powered by a lithium-ion battery, known for its high energy density, fast charging capabilities, and longer lifespan compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. This ensures extended operating times and reduced downtime for charging.This model also comes with a charger and 5 years battery warranty.
Power Type: Electric (AC)(Li-ion Battery) Voltage/capacity: 48v/346Ah


SuperEC Battery Charger

SuperEC chargers are engineered for high efficiency, optimizing charging times while minimizing energy consumption. SuperEC chargers maximize the charging process's speed without compromising on energy efficiency, resulting in cost savings and improved operational productivity. This charger is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and store.This charger features a user-friendly interface with a display screen to provide information about the charging process, such as charging status and battery level. Safety: These chargers incorporate safety features to protect the battery and the vehicle during charging, such as over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and short-circuit protection.



Our forklifts offer various mast stages to fit what our client needs. This model in particular includes a 3-stage mast. A 3-stage mast is a common configuration for forklifts, offering versatility in lifting heights while maintaining stability and compactness. 3-stage masts are popular in warehouses, distribution centers, and other material handling environments where varying lifting heights are required.


Safety: Blue Reverse Light

This model comes with a Blue reverse light feature.
-The blue reverse light on a forklift serves as a crucial safety measure,
signaling to nearby individuals when the forklift is moving in reverse. Its purpose is to enhance visibility and prevent accidents by clearly indicating the direction of movement. Complying with safety regulations, this light ensures that the forklift's reverse operation is unmistakably communicated to those in its vicinity. Its distinct blue color and brightness make it easily distinguishable from other lights on the forklift, ensuring clarity even in challenging lighting conditions. By providing a clear warning of reverse motion, the blue light helps mitigate the risk of collisions and promotes a safer work environment.


Safety: Seat Occupancy Sensor

The LG25B comes with a seat occupancy sensor. A forklift seat occupancy sensor is a technology integrated with the forklift’s seat. It is a pivotal safety component designed to ascertain whether the operator is seated in the driver's seat. This machine integrates an automatic engine neutral shift mechanism triggered by the sensor which puts the motor to go in neutral mode if the operator leaves the seat while the motor is running, preventing the potential hazards associated when the forklift is unattended.



The LG25B comes with solid rubber tires for more durable and resistant to wear and tear, making them ideal for use in demanding environments such as construction sites, warehouses, and recycling facilities. They have a high loading capacity and are extremely economical. Since solid tires cannot be punctured or go flat, they require minimal maintenance. Operators do not need to monitor tire pressure or perform regular inspections, resulting in lower maintenance costs and downtime.


Mast tilt and side-shift function

LG25B mast comes with extra functionalities like tilt and side-shift. The tilt function enables the Operator to adjust the angle of the forks. This feature compensates for uneven surfaces and facilitates stacking or retrieving loads at various heights. While the side-shift function enables the operator to control the movement of the forks sideways, to place and pick loads more precisely.

Power Type Electric (AC)
Rated Capacity 5500 lbs
Load Center 19.7 in
STD Max height (with backrest) 154.9 in
STD Max lifting height 118.1 in
Overhead guard height 83.1 in
Overall length (with fork) 143.7 in
Wheelbase 65 in
Front overhang 18.1 in
Rear overhang 18.5 in
Min.ground clearance (Frame/Mast) 5.9/4.3 in
Overall width 45.7 in
Adjusting range of fork (outside) 9.4-40.9 in
Front wheel tread 38.2 in
Rear wheel tread 38.6 in
Min.turning radius 90.6 in
Tires type Solid Tires
Tires size, front/rear 7.00-12-.012PR / 6.00-9-10PR
Max.traveling speed, loaded/unloaded 7.5/6.8 mph
Max.lifting speed, loaded/unloaded 69/55 fpm
STD operating weight 7848 lbs
Drive motor 10 kw
Lift motor 12 kw
Battery votage/capacity 80V / 205Ah
Mast 177.2 in Max. lifting Height