UHI Lonking LG16BE3 Electric Forklift

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MMH Magazine Rank Top13 supplier Lonking&UHI MachineryLG16 3-Wheel 48V/346Ah Li-ion battery forklift

3 Stage Free Mast 4.5m, side shift, solid tyres

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The Lonking UHI LG16BE is a 3.1 ton fully electric forklift equipped with a dual motor system powered by a lithium-ion battery for a silent, smoother, highly efficient operation, environmentally friendly and it produces zero emissions. The absence of exhaust emissions makes the LG16BE ideal for indoor use, such as warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. It can operate safely in enclosed spaces without the risk of air pollution.


Comfort and Safety

This model features ergonomic designs aimed at reducing operator fatigue and improving comfort during extended use. With adjustable seat, easy-to-reach controls, and ample legroom. The LG16BE is designed with operator comfort in mind. SAFETY: The LG16BE is equipped with various safety features to ensure operator and workplace safety, such as Overhead guard, safety belt, backup buzzer, parking hand brake, warning light and advanced braking systems. This model also features Seat cut-off switch system which is a safety feature commonly found in forklifts and other heavy equipment. It detects whether the operator is seated in the driver's seat or not. If the operator is not seated, the switch interrupts certain functions of the forklift, preventing it from moving or operating. This feature helps prevent accidents by ensuring that the forklift can only be operated when there is a qualified operator in the driver's seat. It is a crucial safety measure required by regulations to protect both operators and bystanders in industrial settings.


Lithium-Ion Battery

This forklift is powered by a lithium-ion battery, known for its high energy density, fast charging capabilities, and longer lifespan compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. This ensures extended operating times and reduced downtime for charging.This model also comes with a charger and 5 years battery warranty. Power Type: Electric (AC)(Li-ion Battery) Voltage/capacity: 48v/346Ah


Dual Motor System

The LG16BE features a dual motor system, which provides enhanced power and efficiency compared to single motor systems. This setup contributes to smoother operation and improved performance. These motors can also produce 4kW each, making it able to run up to 13 km/h (loaded)/ 14 km/h (unloaded).


Safety: Seat Occupancy Sensor

Comes with a seat occupancy sensor. A forklift seat occupancy sensor is a technology integrated with the forklift’s seat. It is a pivotal safety component designed to ascertain whether the operator is seated in the driver's seat. This machine integrates an automatic engine neutral shift mechanism triggered by the sensor which puts the motor to go in neutral mode if the operator leaves the seat while the motor is running, preventing the potential hazards associated when the forklift is unattended.

Power Type Electric (AC)
Rated Capacity 3500 lbs
Load Center 19.7 in
STD Max height (with backrest) 158.6 in
STD Max lifting height 118.1 in
Overhead guard height 80.5 in
Overall length (with fork) 113.2 in
Wheelbase 55.1 in
Front overhang 14.4 in
Rear overhang 7.5 in
Min.ground clearance (Frame/Mast) 3.3 / 4.2 in
Overall width 41.7 in
Adjusting range of fork (outside) 7.9 - 38.2 in
Front wheel tread 35.8 in
Rear wheel tread 6.9 in
Min.turning radius 62.6 in
Tires type Solid Tires
Tires size, front/rear 18×7-8 / 15×4.5-8
Max.traveling speed, loaded/unloaded 8.4/8.4 mph
Max.lifting speed, loaded/unloaded 59/86 fpm
STD operating weight 7011 lbs
Drive motor 5.4 x 2 kw
Lift motor 11 kw
Battery votage/capacity 48V / 346Ah
Mast 177.2 in Max. lifting Height