Jackhammer Mini Excavator (UME12P)

$2,200.00 + tax

Category: SKU: JHME001


A hydraulic hammer is a construction equipment that works with construction machines, tractors and wheeled excavators, on tracks equipped with an appropriate hydraulic system and a hitching system compatible with the hammer model. A hydraulic hammer is a device that uses the pressure of hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system of the machine and is intended for construction works such as:

demolition of buildings,
forging holes in a hard surface,
ground breaking,
obtaining material in mines,
aggregate extraction.
How does a hydraulic hammer work?
High-pressure hydraulic oil flows through the steel hammer block in special hydraulic channels and causes the piston inside the hammer to move, which hits the hammer tip. The hammer also has a gas chamber, which is responsible for returning the rota to its pre-impact position.

Dimensions :

weight 70 kg,
total length: 675 mm (without beater),
width: 215mm,
height: 350mm,
beater diameter: 40 mm
nominal flow of hydraulic oil: 15 – 25 l/min,
system pressure: 88 – 117 bar,
impact frequency: 800 – 1400 min.