UHI Machinery 36″ U25TK2 880 lb Rated Load. Kubota Engine

$26,400.00 + tax

* Kubota 25HP Engine, Bondioli & Pavesi pump
* Quick attach for easy changing attachments
* Dual hydraulic auxiliary system
* Lifting arm safety support
* Drive safety with parking brake system
* Included attachments: bucket and pallet forks
* 2 year peace-of-mind warranty!
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Kubota 25HP Engine

With the Kubota 25 HP engine model D1703BM-D1-EF04 powering your U25TK2 skid steer, you can expect reliable performance and efficient operation. Kubota engines are renowned for their durability and power, making them a popular choice for a variety of industrial applications. Whether you're tackling construction projects, landscaping tasks, or other jobs requiring a skid steer, the combination of the U25TK and the Kubota D1703BM-D1-EF04 engine ensures that you have the power and reliability you need to get the job done effectively.


Easy Access

The U25TK skid steer is engineered with convenience in mind, boasting front and back access points that make maintenance a breeze. This innovative design allows operators to swiftly reach the engine and all internal components, facilitating efficient servicing and minimizing downtime. Whether it's routine inspections or more extensive repairs, the dual-access feature ensures that tasks can be completed quickly and seamlessly, keeping productivity high on the job site.


Operator Station

The U25TK operator station boasts user-friendly features, including easy-to-use joysticks and two-speed modes for enhanced control and maneuverability. Operators can effortlessly navigate through tasks with precision, thanks to the intuitive joystick controls. Additionally, the operator station allows for monitoring of crucial parameters such as temperature, work hours, and more. This real-time monitoring capability enables operators to stay informed about the machine's performance and status, ensuring optimal operation and maintenance. With these advanced features, the U25TK operator station not only prioritizes ease of use but also empowers operators to maintain peak efficiency and productivity on the job site.



The U25TK skid steer offers exceptional versatility with its ability to accommodate over 20 attachments, making it a highly adaptable machine for a wide range of tasks. Operators can easily attach and switch between implements such as augers, jackhammers, forks, buckets, and more, depending on the specific requirements of the job at hand. Whether you need to drill holes, break concrete, lift and transport materials, or perform general earthmoving tasks, the U25TK skid steer can be equipped with the appropriate attachment to get the job done efficiently and effectively. This versatility allows operators to tackle diverse projects with ease, maximizing productivity and minimizing the need for multiple specialized machines. With the U25TK skid steer, you have the flexibility to adapt to various tasks and applications, making it a valuable asset on any job site.


Bondioli & Pavesi Pump

The U25TK is equipped with a reliable Bondioli & Pavesi pump,known for its performance and durability. With this pump, the U25TK skid steer can achieve a maximum lifting capacity of 1100 lbs, providing ample power and efficiency for lifting and transporting heavy loads with ease. Whether you're moving materials on construction sites, landscaping projects, or agricultural applications, the U25TK's Bondioli & Pavesi pump ensures reliable hydraulic performance to handle demanding tasks effectively.

Engine type Kubota
Output HP/rpm 25 / 3000
Operating Weight 2640 lb
Maximum lift height 8´10˝